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Darbi G.

I recognize that cow pass!!! :) WHat wonderful light!!! And what a terrific bond that you've captured. moo.

Bianca Valentim

Hi Clary!
I have been following your work and I simply love it all!!
God bless you and your family!


great job, clary! i love all of the props you guys used.


These are gorgeous, I love them all


These are pricless ... mom and daughter ... fabulous! So glad they choose you to capture their bond!! Great work!


Love that pink suitcase! So very cool. Wonderful pics!


Sweet pictures, honestly brought tears to my eyes. Great job!!

Lynsey T

Her previous session is one of my favorites you've done...I can add this one to the list! Beautiful pictures!


Clary I think you are the mother that every mother wants to look like! You are simply the best at what you do!! Gorgeous pictures!!


You captured some beautiful moments! I love these!


Clary - Words couldn't describe what these photos mean to me!


Clary- these are incredible!!!!!!

And you are the perfect picture of a beautiful mom who is creating her own awesome path in life.

Thanks for posting these gorgeous captures- these sessions with you are very special to Mal and Emilie, just the same!!!!!
And the sunglasses pic is divine!!!!!


Great pictures Clary! You really made these two lovely ladies shine even more than they already do. Pictures really are worth a thousand words!

Mel Mac

Wow the wind in the tunnel and that dress just flows with her movement. I love the locations for this shoot, all the little details really make every picture. I don't envy mom trying to choose which to enlarge for the living room wall. =)

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