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Lynsey T

Great pics Clary! You did an amazing job. Thanks for the party pew shoutout...haha! And I had a blast dancing with you at the wedding :)


Omg, shoes!!! :)


Love the colors of the dresses and flowers...and that is coming from a girl who is a black and white sorta gal! Clary, I adore the shot in the woods- it is so romatic and secret garden-ish.

Amanda Zika

What a gorgeous bride! I do have to say that Bobby's is fantastic. From growing up in Collinsville and living in Maryville throughout h.s. and college, I can honestly say that I have had my fair share. Love it!


Beautiful pictures!! Love the bouquet toss shot and the ones in the woods...so soft and romantic. And I'm loving the different bridesmaid bouquet for each lady, such a unique and personal touch. ;)

Darbi G.

Clary, I started keeping track of which photos were my faves...and then I realized I was juggling too many numbers in my head...so suffice it to say.... i've got A LOT of faves. :) But if I had to pick one...or two...the one of her alone on the right side with the white backdrop..and then the one of the bright colored dress and flowers in the grass. :) xoxo


Gorgeous! Yay for Illinois weddings! (and Bobby's custard too, obviously)

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