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Lynsey T

The 4th picture where she's sticking her tongue out makes me want a baby...so you can take its picture! She is super cute!

Darbi G.

LOVE!! the scenery...the outfit... wonderful... :)


You have a gift of catching the magical. Thank you so much for these pictures...they make us smile from the inside and outside! And I love that we caught a picture of my shoes in the last one. :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!


super cute! i'm not usually a fan of park photos but this makes me want to run and find the nearest tulip bed! :) GREAT shots!


Beautiful!! Beautiful baby with the pink polka dot dress, beautiful parents, beautiful background!! Just beautiful!!!

Kristi Pfeiffer

So very cute! :)

amanda zika

I agree that everything about these photos are beautiful. Fabulous job!



Mel Mac

I love the one with her tongue sticking out. Priceless

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