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I love my Westie and loved the Cairn we had before that.
Doug and I love visiting my older sister in KC too.

Beautiful pictures!


i LOVE those shots!!! i went to school near KC so the Nelson and the Plaza are very dear to my heart.


Beautiful pictures as always! :) I'm loving the pictures by the pool...the color of her dress along with the color of the water makes the picture so vibrant!

Bianca Valentim

Oh my!!!
What a beautiful session!!!
all the images are perfect!!
My favorite of all is your favorite!!
have a nice weekend!


Oh my! All I have ever had growing up are Cairns! They are so near and dear to my heart.....

I love that niiiice long lens you are using... so buttery!

Mel Mac

I really like the fountains in the background and the yellow shorts. =)


Love these!! So chic, yet timeless all at the same time :-)


Not only are these pictures are absolutely gorgeous, but I am in love the the woman's shoes and clothes. Anyway we could get the designers' names? Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks everyone:):)

Marion-I know the dress and cute, cute shorts ensemble is from J.Crew:) Shoes??


Thanks! Would love to hear about the shoes if Betsey visits the site!


I LOVE these shots. My fiance and I are planning a last minute, VERY small (children &witnesses only) ceremony and were leaning toward Nelson Atkins...After seeing your photos, I'm convinced this is the place. And I'm now thinking the infinity pool. Could you please get ahold of me so that we could discuss rates and availability? Thanks so much.

clary pfeiffer

Hi Melissa!
What a beautiful location. My family is from Kansas City, it is a beautiful city. I'm located in St. Louis but travel. I'll be in KC for a November 7th wedding and then next year but I'm thinking you are most likely looking at next year. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on dates and I'll see if something can work.
Talk soon!

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