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Clary!!!! These are so beautiful. Doesn't hurt that they are such a beautiful couple. I know she is head over heels in love with these images you caught of her and her hubby.


Amaazing photos as usual, but what a great relationship too! These are just beautiful, and it's not surprisng since it sounds like she's beautiful inside too!


Clary!!!! I was washing my face..thinking how tiredddd I am... and how I just want to NOT work tonight...in attempt to put that off...but also cuz I had a FEELING...I peaked at your blog and low and behold!!! I teared up...smiled...got all warm and fuzzy. You've captured us so well... and I see a kind of beauty that is sometimes hard to see. I love YOU, my Clary dearest. THANK YOU.


AMAZING!!! Love these. Love Darbi. Tolerate Neil. (just kidding)


oh! and I didn't tell you my faves... haha...
The framer in me LOVES #8...
The "I want to be beautiful" in me loves YOUR favorite.
The photography in me loves #4 & #13.
And the "head over heels in love with my silly husband" in me love the #12 of him jumping. hee hee

Again...LOVE YOU.


These are fabulous. Darbi and Neil are so lucky to have these!!

Jennifer V.

Clary - these are amazing!!! You captured Darbi and Neil to a T! Oh so pretty...and Neil ain't to shabby either ;-)


That first one is just ridiculously great. I get more excited for October (and that whole wedding thing next May) with each beautiful post!

dennis bullock

So cool Clary!

Harrison Sweazea

Fabulous! Not a cuter couple exists. I know them both, and you captured them perfectly!


Darbi and Neil look gorgeous. Neil, I am so happy that you were able to put that vintage orange ottoman to good use!
As always; Clary was able to find locations and beautiful light 10 minutes from our house that I've never noticed before, minus my blue hammock :)


Clary...these are STUNNING!!! Darbi & Neil...you two make a gorgeous couple!


You have perfectly captured Darbi and Neil. I'm so happy you two found each other years ago. Beautiful, just beautiful.


what a gorgeous session!

btw... are you doing some new stuff with your editing? i feel like you're using some softer, cooler tones a little more... i like it. and if not, uh... nevermind. :)


anniversary shots--such a brilliant idea! love the light you've captured--

Paige V/B

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! Beautiful people make for beautiful pictures...


Love these photos! Beautiful colors, beautiful couple, and fantabulous photographer! I love the emotion in the last one--it just feels so warm and heart-felt. And you tell that old man! Cranky old geezer! :)

Sarah S.

These pictures are gorgeous! Her dress is so cute and I love all the colors. Fantastic job, yet again!


Clary, Thank youfo giving Darbi the pictures she always wanted! They are gorgeous...the pictures AND Darbi and Neil. But then I guess I'm biased since she's my sister ;) You did a fabulous job!


AMAZING! You are so lucky to get to take pics of Darby and Neil...they are such a hot couple! Hers is another blog I stalk regularly! :) These photos freakin' rock!


I just drooled all over my keyboard. Those are dreamy.


Love these, especially the first and last ones. Something about that first one kind of reminds me of Fergie -- I think it's her eyes!


Clary... thank you so much for the taking these pulchritudinous pics and introducing us to Fast Eddie's! The pictures actually make us look like we love each other(jk). I feel like I owe you a service so I am coming over tomorrow and playing my drums in your living room all day!!! thanks again, hope to see you soon.


Love the 1st one that is my favority, great job!!!!

Amanda Zika

I know I posted you a comment on FB but these really are amazing! There is a story in these photos, a story of love and you have captured it perfectly. Of course, you do have two beautiful models and one being one of my favorite photographers :) Love these Clary! You are awesome!

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